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Transporter Crew Bus

Transporter Crew Bus

Plenty of space for up to 11 people. And all of their equipment.

Putting your business on the road - all in a day’s work for the Transporter Crew Bus. It provides space for up to eleven people, along with plenty of load compartments, proving its worth day in and day out. The durable upholstery is perfectly designed for frequent entry and exit. The sound-absorbing rubber flooring in the passenger compartment is easy to wash. Plus, Easy Entry in the second row of seats makes it especially easy for rear passengers to get in and out of the vehicle.

Model Range

  • VW Transporter Crew bus SWB

    Transporter Crew Bus SWB
    From R637,900

    Transporter Crew Bus 2.0 BiTDI® DSG® 4MOTION®
    132kW @ 4,000 r/min
    400Nm @ 1500 – 2000 r/min | 7-speed DSG
    Fuel Consumption (litres / 100 km)
    Urban cycle - 11,1l | Extra-urban cycle - 7,5l | Combined cycle - 8,8l

  • VW Transporter Crew Bus LWB

    Transporter Crew Bus LWB
    From R552,800

    Transporter Crew Bus 2.0 TDI 10 Seats
    75kW @ 3000 - 3,750 r/min
    250Nm @ 1500 – 2500 r/min | 5-speed manual
    Fuel Consumption (litres / 100 km)
    Urban cycle - 9,5l | Extra-urban cycle - 6,1l | Combined cycle - 7,3l

    Transporter Crew Bus 2.0 TDI DSG®
    103kW @ 3,500 r/min
    340Nm @ 1,750 – 2,500 r/min | 7-speed DSG
    Fuel Consumption (litres / 100 km)
    Urban cycle - 10,2l | Extra-urban cycle - 6,7l | Combined cycle - 8,0l

    Transporter Crew Bus 2.0 BiTDI® DSG® 4MOTION®
    132kW @ 4,000 r/min
    400Nm @ 1,500 – 2,000 r/min | 7-speed DSG®
    Fuel Consumption (litres / 100 km)
    Urban cycle - 11,1l | Extra-urban cycle - 7,5l | Combined cycle - 8,8l


Configured with ease
Fold. Double-fold. Convert.

Configured with ease

The versatile passenger compartment is ready for all the day brings with it. The seats can be ideally arranged for each new job. Thanks to the options to double-fold the bench seats, completely fold all backrests forward, and remove individual seats and bench seats, there are numerous possibilities to make the most of the interior space. The Easy Entry function on the outside seats in the second row provides especially comfortable access to the third row of seats. Easy Entry seats can be folded forward in a matter of seconds. The backrests of all single seats in the second row can be folded down – even those with the Easy Entry function.

The 4 Motion all wheel drive
The most off-road ready vehicle in its class with DSG®

The 4MOTION ® all-wheel drive

The Transporter Crew Bus has various innovative features that ensure excellent traction, optimal handling and steering response even in difficult driving conditions. The new generation 4MOTION® all-wheel drive (not illustrated). The optional 4MOTION® all-wheel drive is now equipped with the latest gearbox generation Haldex clutch. Advantages include reduced weight, and further enhancement of vehicle handling and dynamics. 4MOTION® all-wheel drive with DSG®. The Transporter is the only vehicle in its class available with the optional 4MOTION® all wheel drive and a 7-speed DSG® dual clutch gearbox. Mechanical differential lock (not illustrated). The mechanical differential lock is available for the rear axle together with the optional 4MOTION® all-wheel drive. This makes starting up in adverse, off-road conditions much easier.

Functional, Ergonomic and Cleverly thought out
The storage system

Functional, ergonomic, and cleverly thought-out

The Transporter Crew Bus has been precisely designed to impress during daily use. The cockpit offers numerous storage options to help with the perfect planning of a long working day. The intelligent arrangement of the various storage options, compartments, and holders makes the interior a workplace where everything is in perfect order. Valuables can be stored safely in the lockable glove compartment, documents can be tidily filed away in the A4-size middle compartment, and glasses are readily accessible in the roof compartment. There is also a special compartment for a folding rule, while drinks are held securely in the bottle and cup holders.

Made for Convenience
Electric Windows and Mirrors

Made for convenience

Electrically adjustable and heated exterior mirrors (not illustrated) ensure good visibility and can also be defrosted quickly on cold winter mornings. Electric windows make for a convenient and effortless cockpit experience.

Warranty and Service

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Warranty and Service

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